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Lockdown Diary: Rethinking Food Spends

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Making Dalgona coffee may have made us shine on Instagram, but it is charring our pockets. Can we change things? Yes we can!

The good news? Lockdown has brought us closer than we ever expected. Our sense of community is stronger than ever before. We're participating in catch-ups more often, playing games together, and exchanging recipes. The better news? We haven't not had to break social distancing rules to make all of this happen. Platforms like #Zoom and Live features on social media have helped us lock away the lockdown blues. But while we've been indulging in the lockdown lifestyle, are we really being mindful of our consumption?

With restaurants being shut, we were forced to make our own meals. Some embraced the barely-any change in lifestyle, others adapted by getting creative. The neighbourhood aunty's once 'useless' son is now Ghar ka Masterchef and makes the most sumptuous summer sweets. As per a Hindustan Times article, Google recipe searches shot up for #Dalgona coffee by about 5,000%, for chicken momos by 4,350%, and for mango ice cream, 3,250%.

The not-so-good news? We're spending more than we usually do, on groceries.

And you thought panic-buying was the only thing that would shoot a hole in our wallets.

Buuuuut...I'll swiftly flow back to the good news. We can save up and change things, AND enjoy experimenting with food.

Here's how:

1. Make a budget. Stick to it.

You may be a great cook. But, if I gave you a ₹500 budget, how would you fare? Get your creative juices flowing. Pick up recipes with really affordable vegetables.

2. Try a new recipe, weekly.

Instead of stopping right away, why not reduce the frequency? That way, you can have the best of both worlds. Decide on a new recipe each week, and a new expensive recipe, each fortnight.

3. Make your own recipe.

With the ingredients already in the refrigerator. Instead of making traditional recipes, read up on basics of which flavour combinations go best with each other, and make up your own recipes. Think think! (And if it does come out well, share the link in the comments. I may just feature it and give you a shoutout!

[For more ideas on saving and growing your money during the #lockdown, get in touch with Pratham Services Fincorp LLP.]

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