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2022 Fashion Trends That Were 2021's Biggest

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Four months in, the new year is no more 'new'. Why are we still looking back? Because it's a good time to think back at our new year resolutions, after all, we still have a good eight months to stay true to our 2022 checklist!

If your 2022 resolution was to dress better, keep reading. 2020 was the year of hoodies and pajamas, but in 2021 everyone really slew their fashion game. How is 2022 turning out? Honestly, pretty killer going by how it's really an extension of 2021's different trends. But, which ones are here to stay?

We’ve compiled this list of 2021’s biggest and most loved fashion trends that we've been continuing to see this year. Let’s look at our wardrobes for pieces to keep, and push back handing down/selling/donating them to December 2022:

1. Coord Sets

Image credit: Kritika Khurana

Coordinated sets are the cutest trend we’ve seen in 2021! A lot of times, we try to match our outfits anyway, and this is the ultimate solution – having a premade set that’s already made to be coordinated. We’ve seen coord sets for every possible occasion: whether it be pajama sets for lounging, summery sets for casual outings, or slightly more elegant sets for parties and formal situations, whatever the occasion, there’s a cute coordinated set for it. We may think we’ve seen it all, but we’re hoping that the rest of 2022 gives us even more styles for coord sets!

2. Chunky Shoes

Image credit: Khushi Kapoor

2021 has been THE year for all sorts of chunky shoes – whether they be sporty shoes, boots, loafers, heels, sandals, they’ve all had this chunky style to them that everyone still seems to be very much in love with. These chunky shoes are honestly a little reminiscent of Bratz Dolls’ shoes, and aren’t they the fashion icons we grew up with? We’re definitely wearing our chunky shoes all through 2022 too!

3. Cropped Tops and Cardigans

Image credit: Khushi Kapoor

Itty bitty tops have ruled this entire year, and we don’t see this trend slowing down for 2022! With cropped tops, cardigans and sweaters being all the rage among stars and influencers, these cute and flirty tops feel like it’s summer all year round! Crop tops are for everyone to rock in 2022, no matter what your size is. This trend may be cute, but body positivity is cuter! 🖤

4. Sequins

Image credit: Ananya Panday

This one's a personal favorite, and we aren't willing to let this trend go just yet! Sequins may have seemed like too much a few years ago, but we’ve been all for these jazzy looks in 2021. There’s just something about sequins that makes you feel so fabulous. All that glitters is not gold, but why does it have to be? They look super glam. They complete that girl-power look. They're definitely a trend we're seeing this year and will continue to until NYE 2022. Or who knows, longer if we're in

5. Dopamine Dressing

Image credit: Janhvi Kapoor

The pandemic jolted us and caused us all to slip into a shared state of gloom. It was only natural to turn towards some sort of escapism for a healthy dose of respite. This feel-good trend was all about dressing to feel better in 2021, especially to 'counter the pandemic and its mood-altering effects’. This trend is, among other things, mainly about wearing super bright colours, which are known to boost our moods. Ultimately, dopamine dressing is about wearing what makes you happy, and we certainly want to be happy in 2022 too!

These are the 5 huge trends we saw in 2021, and we loved them too much to be done with them yet! If you haven’t tried any of them out yet, the rest of this year is your chance to get on the bandwagon. And for the rest of us, let's make it even quirkier, this year!

Featured Image credit: Dom Hill, Unsplash


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